Maid Service Software

Are you looking for software for your maid service business?

Maid service software is sometimes also referred to as residential cleaning business software.

The term refers to computer software created specifically for maid service businesses. Generally, all software fitting this definition will include some sort of job scheduling function. it will also include some means of entering and maintaining your customer data. Also, it may (or may not) provide functions for invoicing, payments, accounting, etc.

When evaluating different maid service programs, make sure you review exactly which functions each software program offers you.

The leading software application for maid services is still The Scheduling Manager, by Thoughtful Systems. They began with software called The Cleaning Manager 22 years ago, which has now evolved into the finest Windows-based application for your maid service or any other type of service business.
Also it is the unsurpassed leading software for carpet cleaning, window cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning management and janitorial businesses. Don't settle for less!

There are several companies providing software for maid services. Check out each one carefully. It;s important to ask about the features of the software, and about the company itself. How long have they been in business? Do they simply provide software to you and then forget about you? Or do they take an active interest in helping you implement the software in your business, making your business more efficient?

Get the names of some other people who are using their software and find out how they have found the software. Was it easy to learn and get started with? Did the software company help you in importing your customer data from other sources? Does the software include the functions you'll need?

Also ask about interfacing with other software programs you use, or plan to use. Also, find out how well the intended software program works in interfacing with other software -- QuickBooks, for example. Some companies say they interface with QuickBooks, but then you find, after you've purchased the software, that the interface is a manual one: you have to manually export information form the software every day, and then go through the laborious task of importing it into QuickBooks. Similarly with other software programs.

You are buying specialized software for your residential cleaning business to help save you time, not make things time-consuming.

We recommend The Scheduling Manager software, from Thoughtful Systems, Inc.

It Interfaces in real-time with QuickBooks.
Scheduling Manager also interfaces with Microsoft Outlook, MapPoint, Microsoft Word and more.